Communication is the key to a successful partnership —
with each other and with our clients.

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Susan Rosenbaum Tom Collicott
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At 3 Crown Creative we consistently deliver quality solutions—delivering them on time and on budget.

We like to think you wear the “4th Crown” — keeping client goals in the forefront for each project is of primary importance to us.

Susan Rosenbaum

Susan is 3 Crown Creative’s Studio Manager. She manages client communications, drafts proposals and handles invoicing. Susan earned her MFA in photography from the University of Washington and works as a graphic designer and library paraprofessional. Susan’s many years of working with 3 Crown Creative provide her with all of the skills necessary to effectively communicate with our client base, and her gift of expediency and organization make for smooth and seamless work relationships.

Tom Collicott

Tom is our quiet, self-assured, hard-working visionary. He has been hired by design firms across the country for his photography and digital photo-illustration, and now those same visual skills inform his approach to web design. Give Tom some time and space to a carry out a particular visual direction, and he will always deliver. Turn on some music, turn off all other distractions and his spark will come. Each website design is unique from the one before —  always building and improving his craft.