Communication is the key to a successful partnership —
with each other and with our clients.

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Susan Rosenbaum Carol Deckelbaum Tom Collicott
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3 Crown Creative is a three-person team.  The three of us share a long history of collaborating together and each partner brings his/her own unique skill set to the table.  Whether a project’s primary focus is print design, web interface design, or web development, we consistently deliver quality solutions, delivering them on time and on budget.

We like to think you wear the “4th Crown” — keeping client goals in the forefront for each project is of primary importance to all of us.

Susan Rosenbaum

Ask Susan how she comes up with a logo for your business and she may struggle with a concise answer to that question. For Susan, who comes to 3CC with prior experience as a freelance graphic designer and an MFA in photography, questioning is a large part of the design process.  It begins with a logo launch meeting to draw out descriptors that lead to Susan’s journey of working with composition, type, color and illustration until everything aligns and makes perfect sense — until the question is no more.

Carol Deckelbaum

Our team would not be complete without the technical competence and expertise of Carol. Where many creative firms can service your design needs, 3CC is able to deliver the full package because we have Carol on our team. Carol is a WordPress developer with expertise in custom theme development.  Her depth of knowledge of programming means that no technical challenge is too great. Carol will close out a project by training you to be in charge of the content and updating of your own site.

Tom Collicott

Tom is our quiet, self-assured, hard-working visionary. He has been hired by design firms across the country for his photography and digital photo-illustration, and now those same visual skills inform his approach to web design. Give Tom some time and space to a carry out a particular visual direction, and he will always deliver. Turn on some music, turn off all other distractions and his spark will come. Each website design is unique from the one before —  always building and improving his craft.